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E L O Y   M I L L E N N I A   G O T J É

Elmigo Photography

Eloy Millennia Gotjé

  +31 6 5784 9092

  IBAN :   NL71 INGB 0008 5528 81
  KVK :   69294771


I was born in Blaricum but grew up in the Dutch city Almere, where I also went to primary and secondary school from which I graduated. I have been admiring nature ever since I can remember, visiting beautiful parks and forests in the country, looking at the small details.


After finishing secondary school I went to the University of Applied Photography in Amsterdam to learn more about photography and light. In the mean time I started as a professional photographer and built a large portfolio containing a wide variety of photography subjects.


This website and all of its content was made by myself. I have experience with graphic design, webdesign and even movie making. Yes, this includes creating movie effects! But most of all, you can find me outdoors for various nature/architecture and scenery photography projects.